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Melissa Klurman and her son Aidan soaking up the scenery on the Grand Canal. Venice, Italy, April 2015

Melissa Klurman is a travel writer, mom, and ice cream obsessive. She was an editor at both Fodor’s Travel Guides and Frommer’s Travel Guides for more than a decade, appearing as the “face” of Fodor’s in Diner’s Club billboards and showing people how to pack their suitcases on national television, while also creating travel guides for destinations ranging from Africa to Orlando. When she became a mom, she started looking for ways to write about travel that included her son, too. Now she writes about family-friendly adventures for Family Fun Magazine and Working Mother while still contributing to Frommer’s and writing about travel for a range of publications including Martha Stewart Weddings and Travel Agent Magazine.  Check out her clips here.


Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Guide
Georgette Gilmore and her two Gilmore Girls at their favorite vacation spot—Martha’s Vineyard, MA July 2014

Georgette Gilmore is a writer, editor, social media junkie, and a food and coffee lover. She was owner and Editor-in-Chief of Barista Kids, the quintessential parenting website in the Montclair, NJ area, for five years. Georgette is currently a writer at Cool Mom Picks and (a great NJ resource), as well as a social media manager for various organizations. A city girl at heart, Georgette loves traveling to new cities and sightseeing with her family (her husband Greg and their two adorable Gilmore Girls). She loves museums, theater, and cultural events. Martha’s Vineyard is her go to place to unwind and put her toes in the sand.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Email her here.

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