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Puerto Rico Wants You To Visit

Puerto Rico travel

An amazing thing happened at a recent meeting I had with tourism officials from Puerto Rico. Instead of discussing the long term negative effects on tourism from the recent destructive hurricane, they started talking about Spring Break. Puerto Rico’s message to the world is: Please come visit and be part of their comeback!

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#WTD2015: World Tourism Day—Travel Is Much More Than a Vacation

World Tourism Day

We travel for many reasons: To relax and unwind, give our children life experiences and lasting memories, to see the world. But every time we travel, for whatever reason, something more important happens — we become part of a global movement.

Tourism makes an important impact on countries and communities around the world. Each year on September 27, the United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates World Tourism Day to bring awareness to the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.Today, Playground joins the celebration and the conversation.

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