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#TravelTuesday Q&A: New York City Trip for a Music Loving Teen

New york city trip

Q: Hi Playground! I would love some recommendations for exploring NYC with my 13-year-old nephew from North Carolina. He’s a drummer and loves live music. Any thoughts?? ~ Thanks, LF

A: Hi LF! A music loving teen? You’ve come to the right place! Georgette and I both have 13-year-olds who fall squarely into this category.

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10 Tips for Teens (or Anyone) for Safe International Travel

Safe International Travel

Yesterday, a friend’s daughter stopped by before she headed off to a semester in Cape Town, South Africa (Bon Voyage, Sarah!). Although Cape Town is my favorite city on the planet, I seriously considered Sarah’s questions about safety, and although she already knew some of what I passed along, a few of my tips surprised her.

What I shared with her applies to any teen, college student, millennial, or quite honestly, adult, heading out on an independent international adventure, so I decided to share them with you, too.

Here are 10 tips for safe international travel:

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