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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Caribbean Family Travel Options for Holiday Break

Caribbean Family Travel

Q: Hi Playground! I’d love to book a warm weather, family getaway for Thanksgiving or Christmas; we want easy nonstop flights and beaches, with other activities, too. Normally we’d consider the Caribbean, but is it too soon after Hurricane Irma, Jose, and the current threat Maria? Is it okay to visit the Caribbean now? Thanks ~ AP

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#TravelTuesday Q&A: DIY Caribbean Cruise Excursions

Caribbean Cruise Excursions Old San Juan, Puerto Rico | family travel

Q: Hi Playground! What is your opinion on booking my own excursions (or at least some of them) when taking a cruise. We (my wife and 6 year old son and I) are doing a Royal Caribbean cruise to Belize, Honduras and Mexico for 7 nights in February. The excursions are far more expensive than the RC cruise we did in Alaska and the Disney Cruise we did in Eastern Caribbean. Thanks ~ MZ

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