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$50 Airfare Sale to Europe is Happening Right Now, WOW!

WOW 50 percent off Airfare to Europe

You may remember we tipped you off to an amazing airline sale on WOW airlines recently, when the low-priced carrier based in Iceland offered $99 sale to Europe from select US cities as part of their “Purple Friday” sale.

WOW is now putting on their Santa hat and offering 50% off ALL fares December 22 and 23. That means their $99 tickets to Rejkavik are now less than $50, and there’s more amazing deals to be had, too!

If you’re thinking of taking the family to Europe for the holidays, you want to book RIGHT NOW.

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Amazing International Airfare Bargains

 International Airfare Bargains

If you haven’t looked at overseas airline seat prices in a while you’re in for a surprise. A good surprise that is. (When was the last time you heard “airline” and “good surprise” in the same sentence?)

I’ve been watching prices drop, no PLUMMET, in the last year, and it seems as though fares have hit an all-time low on select routes. Last year, we told you how to get great fares to Milan for around $450 round trip, but now routes throughout Europe and beyond are dropping down below $300 roundtrip. How low? WOW airlines is offering $150 tickets to ISRAEL! Seriously. I paid more than that for the ACELA to DC from NY last year.

The international airfare bargains are due to a number of factors: Lower oil prices, a strong dollar, and greater route competition from bare-bones airlines that are doing away with all niceties such as free checked bags for overseas flights or even free food (but honestly, we’re so used to this by now, it’s hard to even notice) to create rock-bottom prices that other airlines have to lower their fares to try and compete with.

Here are a few of our recent family travel favorite air fare sales.

Note that some fares are available only for a limited time, and there are often date and day restrictions. We’ll keep checking on more flight deals for you, but keep an eye on Travelzoo (I’m signed up for their daily alerts), which does a great job of spotting airfare deals.

Happy flying!

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#TBT: Travel Scrapbook ~ Gorgeous Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland


#TBT: Playground reader April Daniels Hussar shares this photo of her daughter at the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland.

Want to see your family on Playground? Send your travel photos here.

Happy travels!


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#TravelTuesday Q&A: How to Find Roundtrip Fares to Europe for Less than $350 (really)!


Roundtrip Fares to Europe

Q: We’ve got cabin fever and are hoping to plan a great European trip to look forward to for this spring or summer. Are there any airfare deals to Europe for families you’ve seen?

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