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Day Trip: New Jersey State Botanical Garden at Skylands

New Jersey State Botanical Garden at Skylands

True, winter is still here and the northeast is getting hit with a foot of snow, but spring will be warming us up before you know it (we promise). Spring is a fantastic time to take the family on a Day Trip and guest blogger Eileen Lundberg shares a lovely option —  New Jersey State Botanical Garden at Skylands, the garden of the Garden State!  Continue reading “Day Trip: New Jersey State Botanical Garden at Skylands”

Day Trips

Day Trip: Franklin Mineral Museum

Franklin Mineral Museum

It seems like children of all ages, boys and girls alike, love rocks: Throwing them, lining them up, collecting them, shoving them in their pockets so you can find them in the washer later, it doesn’t matter. Rocks are cool.

As the parent of a little geologist and ever on the lookout for an exciting outing that might actually teach her kid something, guest blogger Michelle Longo ventured out to find a day trip worthy of rock-star: The Franklin Mineral Museum located in beautiful Sussex County.

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Day Trips

Day Trip: Apple Picking in New Jersey and New York State

Apple Picking in New Jersey and New York

The breezy temperatures are a sign that autumn is near, which has us thinking about apples. Apple picking that it! Thankfully, we’re lucky to live within reach of some of the area’s best apple orchards in New Jersey and New York State.

These farms offer much more than just apples. Plan a day trip and enjoy hayrides, corn mazes, live music, ad markets that sell melt-in-your-mouth autumn treats (like apple cider doughnuts, yum!). How do you like them apples?

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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Family Getaways

Labor Day Weekend Family Getaways | Asbury Park

Q: It’s Labor Day already, how could summer be over soon? I’m not ready! We’d love to have one last blast before the kids head back to school next week, but I haven’t planned anything yet. Is it too late to book an end-of-summer send off? ~ Thanks! BN

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Pokémon Go (and Giraffes, too!) at Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ

Turtle Back Zoo

There’s lots of fun in the air at Turtle Back Zoo which recently launched a fabulous African animals exhibit. But that’s not why I recently made my way to West Orange, NJ, on a steamy summer Wednesday evening. No, it was so my son and his friend could “catch em all” as they scoped Pokéstops amidst the animals.

pokemon go

Here’s how the night unfolded:

Me: Look, there are giraffes!

Two 12-year-old boys: Cool! Look, there’s a PokéGym!


I kid (a bit). It was hard not to be amazed as we watched the gentle giraffes eating romaine lettuce out of a zoo employee’s hands. But the boys also equally enjoyed their time roaming the hilly park-like zoo looking for virtual creatures. And in many ways that’s the pleasure of the new and improved Turtle Back Zoo; there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

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Day Trip: Thomas Edison Historical National Park

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Bring the family back in time by taking them on a day trip to Thomas Edison National Park in West Orange, NJ. You’ll learn how the “Wizard of Menlo Park” gave us the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb by exploring his laboratory and home.

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Have Some Summer Fun at Round Valley Recreation Area in Lebanon, NJ

Round Valley Recreation

The Jersey Shore isn’t the only place to find sand and sun fun in New Jersey. For a watering hole to cool off in the dog days of summer, our guest blogger Kristin Wald has a great alternative:

Searching for the perfect outdoor sun and sand spot to enjoy swimming, grilling, playing, and all-around summer fun? Consider Round Valley Recreation Area in Lebanon, NJ. It’s a fantastic Day Trip option for families, and just about an hour away from the Montclair, NJ area.

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