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Family Day Trips & Mini Getaways for Spring Break

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Not taking a destination family vacation over Spring Break? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cool new experiences and family fun with your kids. There are plenty of great Day Trips or Mini Getaways close to home, but a world away from your usual work-school grind for you to enjoy.

We have lots of fantastic ideas for fun close to home. So grab your keys, pack the kids into the car, and happy travels!

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Need Vacation Inspiration? Let Pokémon Go Inspire Your Next Family Trip

Pokémon Go
Pikachu gets ready to bungee jump in New Zealand. (Photo Courtesy of Tourism New Zealand

Ever since the launch of Pokémon Go in early July, your kids have most likely been wandering around the local park with their eyes on their mobile device, trying to catch “rare” Pokémon, all the while trying to convince you of the wonderful benefits (We’re outside! We’re getting exercise!) of the digital phenomenon. We feel you. But instead of fighting the viral location-based game, we’re trying to embrace it, by adding on some Poké-fun to our next vacation.

From Arizona to New Zealand, it turns out, Pikachu and friends are showing up in family-friendly hotels and resorts all around the world (not to mention the parks and shops near them). While we’re not saying to plan a family vacation based solely on capturing an elusive Magnemite, you might just become the coolest parent ever if you just happen to mention there’s a Meowth hanging in the lobby of your Orlando hotel.

Here a few spots around the country who have mapped out their Poké guests. Happy hunting!

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Day Trip: Storm King Art Center

Barnet Newman, Obelisk
Barnet Newman, Obelisk

Colorful sculptures as tall as houses, a pop-art mermaid stretched across a lake, an electric orange streak stretching straight into the sky—Storm King Art Center is a bit like the Willy Wonka of art, over the top, sure, but ultimately sweet fun.

Set on 500 acres of rolling grounds in the lower Hudson Valley (about an hour north of NYC), expansive Storm King feels like a cross between a park and a sculpture museum, with more than 100 mostly larger than life sculptures set among trees, hills, rocks and expansive stretches of green.

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