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WOW, $99 Airfare to Europe! (Yes, You Read That Right)

WOW $99 Airfare to Europe

WOW airlines just announced $99 one-way fares to Europe, in November and December no less! If you’re thinking of taking the family to Europe for the holidays, you want to book RIGHT NOW.

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How to Help Puerto Rico

How to Help Puerto Rico

Over the past two decades I’ve visited Puerto Rico on nearly a dozen vacations. I circumvented the island numerous times, marveled at the hospitality, enjoyed the Latin culture, sunned on the beautiful beaches under palm trees, told friends and readers to visit, and appreciated that this island was a bit of America with it’s own unique heritage.

I’ve been bringing my son Aidan, now 14, since he was an infant.  From charming abuelas who would pinch his toddler chubby cheeks in the  street to learning to speak Spanish and making new friends as a teen — Puerto Rico means so much to him too.

Puerto Rico

To see the island flattened by Hurricane Maria hurts. To watch the almost hostile response to the crises from our government as the island copes with both the lack of electricity and running water is painful, frustrating, and completely flabbergasting.

As travelers, I try to teach my son that it’s imperative to be citizens of the world, to help where and when help is needed. We’ve been contributing to funds to help other islands affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but today, it’s time to help Puerto Rico.

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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Caribbean Family Travel Options for Holiday Break

Caribbean Family Travel

Q: Hi Playground! I’d love to book a warm weather, family getaway for Thanksgiving or Christmas; we want easy nonstop flights and beaches, with other activities, too. Normally we’d consider the Caribbean, but is it too soon after Hurricane Irma, Jose, and the current threat Maria? Is it okay to visit the Caribbean now? Thanks ~ AP

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Plan Ahead: Flying Tips for Bad Weather Emergencies

Flying Tips for Bad Weather Emergencies

Two major hurricanes in the United States, an earthquake in Mexico, and wildfires and ash in the Pacific Northwest — If you’ve been watching the weather recently, and who hasn’t, and have to travel, you probably have lots of questions about what to do if your flight gets cancelled. And if you’re stuck in a storm, how to get back home the quickest, safest, and easiest way.

As a media spokesperson in the past for both Travelocity and Fodor’s, I’ve had lots of experience giving tips on how to weather the storm, so to speak, for cancelled and delayed flights and how to keep ahead of the storm in the airport.

Here’s my best advice for bad weather FAQs:
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Don’t Miss These Awesome Solar Eclipse Viewing Tips from Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Solar Eclipse

“If you don’t experience a full solar eclipse,” says celebrated astrophysicist and director of the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “you are not living life to the fullest!”

This morning, Playground was lucky to attend a discussion about the Eclipse led by stellar astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson at the American Museum of Natural History (also a great spot for a special sleepover).

On August 21, a solar eclipse will darken the skies in an arc from Oregon to South Carolina, the first time a solar eclipse will be visible in the United States since 1979, and the first time a path of totality (when the moon completely covers the sun) has been completely in the US in 85 years — making it a pretty big deal (the next one won’t be until 2024).

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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Best Mobile Phone Plans for Overseas Travel

mobile phone plan overseas travel


Q:  Hello Playground! We’re heading to England for a week on vacation and I want to know the most affordable way to use my phone while I’m traveling. We have Verizon as our mobile carrier. Thanks! ~ LK

A: Hi LK! This is a great question, and one I get asked about a lot. Everyone has heard horror stories about astronomical data roaming charges and ridiculous international phone bills. But the good news is, with the right plan, this no longer has to be the case.

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5 Ways to Get More Playground

playground family travelMelissa Klurman and Georgette Gilmore created Playground to make finding vacation ideas as easy as taking a spin on your favorite swing. Every adventure–whether it’s a staycation or a far flung journey around the world–is personally tested and approved by two savvy travelers who also happen to be moms.

We share our personal favorite getaways, arts & cultural experiences, tips we share with friends, and travels we recommend whenever there’s a need to unwind, rewind, and take a break from the daily work/life grind.

Here are 5 more ways to follow Playground and stay in the know:
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Product Review: Face Halo is a Travel Essential That Will Have You Rethinking Your Daily Beauty Routine

Face Halo

As someone who has a vanity stocked with cleansers, creams, lotions, face masks, and makeup, travel can put a damper on my skincare and beauty routine. Always on the lookout to simplify my skincare on the road — especially when it requires a 3-1-1 carry on bag — I was excited to try the sample of Face Halo I received from the company to review.

Face Halo is a small microfiber disk that claims to remove dirt, oil and makeup from your skin with just water. No cleanser needed at all!

I was skeptical. Would it really get all my makeup, including my mascara, off? Would it clean my face thoroughly enough that I wouldn’t start getting breakouts?

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