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#TBT: Travel Scrapbook ~ First Family Vacation on Martha’s Vineyard

martha's vineyard family travel

#TBT: Georgette’s oldest daughter on her first family vacation at Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, 2004. She wasn’t so sure about the beach, but learned to love it.

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Family Fun and Retro Charm Down the Shore at Morey’s Piers Wildwood


For summer fun and a real Jersey Shore experience — one full of Boardwalk games and treats, amusement park rides, a beach so wide you can take a taxi to the water, and a charming retro vibe — take the family to The Wildwoods in New Jersey.

Despite being a born and bred Jersey girl, I had only been to northern Jersey beaches, and had never gone as far south as Exit 4 when heading down the Shore. That all changed last weekend when my family was invited on a trip hosted by Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks. (Thanks Morey family!)

Family owned and operated since 1969 by the Morey Brothers, the amusement park and resorts have managed to keep their retro charm despite the additions of looping suspended roller coasters, major waterparks with 6 foot drops, and a few too many tacky T-shirt shops on the Boardwalk.

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5 Fantastic Family Travel Apps to Make Your Life Easier and Your Vacation More Enjoyable

Family Travel Apps

We’re big believers in mostly unplugged family vacations, but if technology can help make your trips stress-free and enjoyable, we’re all in! Thankfully there are some excellent family travel apps to help you locate restrooms, map out roadtrips, rent baby gear at your destinations, and more.

Here are 5 fantastic family travel apps to make your life easier and your vacation more enjoyable:

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A Family Road Trip Playlist to Enjoy On Your Summer Travels

Family Road Trip Playlist

School will soon be out for summer, which means that it’s time for the Summer Road Trip season!

One of the essentials for a stress free family road trip is a great playlist to keep the kids happily singing — with music good enough that the grown-ups will enjoy it too. Our friends at Sugar Mountain PR know family music and they’ve put together a free collection of summery road trip tunes for you to download from top family music artists for families with young kids.

You’ll enjoy songs from Lisa Loeb, Jazzy Ash, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Justin Roberts, and nine other great family artists.

The FREE Summer Family Road Trip downloads will be live until Sunday, June 11, so get in there and download your favorites today. We hope these songs help pass the time and save your sanity on all your summer family road trips.

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5 Ways to Get More Playground

playgroundMelissa Klurman and Georgette Gilmore created Playground to make finding vacation ideas as easy as taking a spin on your favorite swing. Every adventure–whether it’s a staycation or a far flung journey around the world–is personally tested and approved by two savvy travelers who also happen to be moms.

These are our personal favorite getaways, arts & cultural experiences, tips we share with friends, and travels we recommend whenever there’s a need to unwind, rewind, and take a break from the daily work/life grind.

Here are 5 more ways to follow Playground and stay in the know:
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Mary Poppins at Paper Mill Playhouse is Practically Perfect

Mary Poppins
Elena Shaddow as Mary Poppins at Paper Mill Playhouse (Photo by Matthew Murphy)

Mary Poppins at Paper Mill Playhouse is, to use the lyrics from one of the show’s songs, practically perfect in every way. 

My 9-year-old daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing the musical at the official press opening last night and we loved it. We weren’t alone; the entire audience was caught up in the magic — clapping and singing along, cheering, and jumping to their feet for a standing ovation at the finale. 

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Family Day Trips & Mini Getaways To Take Over Memorial Day Weekend

memorial weekend family travel

Monday, May 29, is Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer!  Whether you have a 3-day or 4-day weekend, it’s plenty of time to take some Day Trips or a mini getaway with the family.

We have lots of awesome ideas. So grab your keys, pack the kids into the car, and happy travels!

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