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Want to Make Family Travel Easier? Try Google Flights

google flights

We love a great travel app: They help find the best airfare, keep you organized, and can even update you in real time about security and flight delays. And when you’re traveling with kids, you need all the help you can get. That’s why we’re loving Google Flights.

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Google Flights is an online airfare search, fare comparison tool, a booking site, and so much more. You can see what amenities are included (or not) with a fare type, such as whether a fare allows you to choose your seat or store a carry-on bag. Plus it suggests the best options for the route you’ve chosen using a combination of price and duration.

But the coolest feature is the ability to check the status of a delayed flight and the reason for the delay. Google Flight even makes predictions about whether a flight will be delayed, based on historic flight status data and algorithms. A huge time saver when traveling!

Happy travels!



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