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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Costa Rica for a Spring Break Family Vacation

Costa Rica family vacation | Herradura Bay (Marriott)
Herradura Bay, Costa Rica 

Q: Hi Playground! Do you have any family friendly and affordable hotels and resorts you recommend in Costa Rica? We are hoping to go in March when our kids have 2 weeks off from school for an early Spring Break. Thanks! ~ Kim

A: Hi Kim, Sloths, sunshine, and Spanish lessons . . . oh my! Who wouldn’t want to go to Costa Rica for Spring Break? The only issue is the price of a vacation, which is highest when kids have off from school in the spring since April is also high season in the Central American country (although you might catch a slight break in March).

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Costa Rica family vacation | Zip Line Costa Rica (Marriott)
Ziplining in Costa Rica 

One affordable option is Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort. Its location puts you within reach of five rainforest microclimates bursting with sloths and lush plant life, and sets you right within Herradura Bay’s sandy beaches and landscapes. And you can go zip lining and horseback riding to explore the jungles nearby, too.

Costa Rica family vacation | Costa Rica Sloth (Marriott)
This guy! A Costa Rican sloth, waiting for you to visit 

This property is ideal for families looking to escape the cold weather and enjoy warm and sunny family fun. With complimentary Spanish lessons for both children and parents, you can also come back with a new skill from your vacation, too! Nightly rates start at $155/night (but prices will start to climb as the season heads toward Easter).


Happy Travels!

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All Photo Credits: Marriott

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