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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Questions About Travel Insurance for Family Travel

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Q:  Hello Playground! What do you recommend for travel insurance, including medical and flight insurance, for family travel in South America? We have our shots, our anti-diarrhea and altitude sickness meds, but our travel MD recommended the extra insurance for the trip – just in case. What do think? Thanks! ~ A Traveling Mom

A: Hi Traveling Mom! You’re preaching to the choir when it comes to purchasing travel insurance for adventure or long-haul trips. Anywhere it would be hard to get home from, or to replicate the level of care you receive in the United States, it’s a good idea to purchase additional insurance. Not to mention, most travel insurance policies cover delayed or cancelled trips and also baggage that’s destroyed or never makes it to your final destination, which hopefully never happens to you, but it’s great peace of mind to know you’re covered.

Although there are multiple companies you can research, my go to is always WorldNomads.com. I’ve used them a dozens times, including a safari trip I took to Africa last year with my step-daughter. Their prices are fair (policies are about $75 per person for two weeks, although more adventurous trips require a more expensive policy — that said I’ve sailed over the Arctic Circle, visited the top of Machu Picchu, gone on safari in Zimbabwe, and visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia and never needed the more expensive package, just for reference), and their coverage extensive. Plus, the owners have families with small children, and offer family policies and wonderfully informative blog posts about visiting adventure destinations with kids.

You can sign up for the insurance package up to your day of travel; but don’t delay too long. It’s an easy item to cross off your “to do” travel list getting you one step closer to your vacation.

Happy travels!

Have a family travel question? Email Melissa at mandgplayground@gmail.com

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