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5 Fantastic Family Travel Apps to Make Your Life Easier and Your Vacation More Enjoyable

Family Travel Apps

We’re big believers in mostly unplugged family vacations, but if technology can help make your trips stress-free and enjoyable, we’re all in! Thankfully there are some excellent family travel apps to help you locate restrooms, map out roadtrips, rent baby gear at your destinations, and more.

Here are 5 fantastic family travel apps to make your life easier and your vacation more enjoyable:


family travel apps: Packing Pro


Packing Pro

The list lovers app! This family travel app will keep you super organized, especially useful for all those week-long or month-long vacation tours you take with your family. Great features include customizable master lists and an expert list assistant that will help calculate how many items you need based on the people in your family.


family travel apps: GateGuru


This app from TripAdvisor can help make long layovers with kids a bit more bearable, locating restrooms, food spots, ATMs, play areas, and more in any airport. It gives you up to date info on your itinerary too! You can also use it to rent a vehicle with a discounted price from the airport.


family travel apps: Roadtripper app


Taking a family road trip? Download this app to help plan your route and your pitstops. We love that Roadtrippers offer fun, pre-planned road trip ideas, helps you find restaurants, attractions on and off-the beaten path, and hotels for overnight stops.


family travel apps: goBaby app


This baby equipment app calls itself the “Airbnb of baby gear on the go.” With it, you can rent all the gear you need from parents just like you at your destination. Just select your travel destination, the gear you want to rent, and the dates you’ll be traveling for delivery or pickup and dropoff. We know that traveling parents already have their hands full. This app is a great solution for families on the go.


family travel apps: yuggler


Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to find activities and places to keep the kids entertained and happy. This free app helps you find all the kid-friendly things to do near you, such as playgrounds, museums, zoo, and so much more. Best of all, the filter helps you custamize your search by gender, age, indoor/outdoor, season of the year, cost, and more!



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