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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Beachside Getaways in Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki, Hawaii

Q: We’re heading to Oahu over the summer and would love to find a beachside hotel in Waikiki. Any suggestions? Thanks! ~ FM

A: Hi FM, Hawaii is beach paradise, and Waikiki is among the best known, and most beautiful sandy spots on Oahu. But not all hotels are directly on the beach.

Waikiki, Hawaii: Waikiki Beach at Hilton

One top option is Halekulani, a luxurious resort on 5 prime acres of Waikiki beachfront. Regular rooms are as big as suites at other hotels, and there are kids camps and programs, but it can be a little pricey (only one child under 16 can stay for free in a room, which is odd I feel), but it is beautiful.

Waikiki, Hawaii: Royal Hawaiian
Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Flickr

A better value is the Royal Hawaiian, a flamingo pink landmark on a golden stretch of beach. To celebrate their 90th (crazy, right?) anniversary this year, they’re offering lots of great packages – and frequent traveler, bonus, they’re actually part of Starwood, so you can use points in paradise.


Waikiki, Hawaii: Paradise Pool Hilton Hawaiian Village
Hilton Hawaiian Village Pool Grotto

Finally, the big kahuna of all Waikiki hotels is probably the one your kids will like the best: Hilton Hawaiian Village has nearly 3,000 rooms, multiple pools, water slides, kids clubs, and a whole lot of fun. There are 20 restaurants (and babysitting on site in case you want to have a date night). Plus, it’s on a perfect curve of beach with stunning Oahu views. And prices start at under $200 per night. But it’s huge, so that’s the tradeoff (and one you might not mind making).

(Did I mention I’m the editor of Frommer’s Easy Guide Hawaii? It’s another great resource for planning an Oahu trip.)

Have a great vacation!

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Photo Credit: Hilton Hawaiian Village


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