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5 Amazing Spots for a Hamilton-Inspired Weekend in Historic Philadelphia

Historic Philadelphia
Alexander Hamilton and The Gilmore Girls.

Do you have a family obsessed with Hamilton? You want a revolution? We have a revelation! Historic Philadelphia is where you can go beyond Broadway and follow Hamilton’s footsteps.

Thanks to Visit Philly, my A.Ham obsessed family stepped back in time to enjoy a weekend of historic adventures in the City of Brotherly Love.

Here are 5 don’t-miss spots for a Hamilton-inspired weekend of family fun:

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1) Stay at a Distinguished Hotel in the Most Historic Neighborhood


Historic Philadelphia: Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel

The Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel is located in the heart of Historic Philadelphia. Cobblestone streets, original 18th– and 19th-century buildings, and beautiful cherry blossom trees surround this hotel, making it a lovely place to stay. Families will love the comfy accommodations, the Starbucks cafe in the lobby, and the indoor pool and fitness center. Plus, it’s within walking distance to all of the historic area’s adventures.


2) Visit the Newly Opened Museum of The American Revolution


Historic Philadelphia king george III
“You’ll be back,” said King George III. We know how that turned out.

The new Museum of the American Revolution, which opened on April 19, offers a glimpse into the Hamilton-Washington bro-mance, the details of the Revolution, and the root of the fatal Hamilton-Burr duel. This visit was a highlight of our trip, taking visitors on a virtual walk through history from “The shot heard ’round the world” to the independence of America.


3) Independence Hall


Historic Philadelphia
The room where it happened!

When delegates gathered at Independence Hall for the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Hamilton was the only one of New York’s three delegates who signed the U.S. Constitution. Discussions were contentious but Hamilton, who authored the Federalist Papers, ultimately helped convince other delegates to support the Constitution. While this is a short visit — there are only two rooms to see — our park ranger was excellent and a great storyteller; it’s an essential stop on your historic trip.


4) National Constitution Center


The four pages that are the foundation of American government wouldn’t have come about without the influence of Alexander Hamilton. Life-size bronze statues of him and the other signers of the U.S. Constitution are on display at the National Constitution Center.

The highlights of this stop was the Freedom Rising show here, a 360-degree live theatrical production that tells the story of the U.S. Constitution and the American quest for freedom. The narrator was outstanding and the show riveting.


5) Eat at City Tavern


historic philadelphia city tavern

Eat, drink and make merry at City Tavern — a re-creation of the historic tavern where Hamilton, Washington and the gang often gathered after a hard day of debating the U.S. Constitution. Grown ups will enjoy quaffing Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Ale, and the entire family will enjoy the authentic 18th-century American culinary cuisine.

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