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Drumroll Please….The Most Popular Family Vacation Destinations

Popular Family Vacation Destinations
Trevi Fountain, Rome

Have you been looking for travel inspiration? Wondering where other families are headed for spring and summer break? Virtuoso, the leading international travel agency, was wondering, too. Specifically, they wanted to know where the most influential travelers were headed. No, not Jay Z and Beyonce, but Generation Z — kids and teens born in the late in the 1990s to 2010s. Turns out our kids hold considerable sway over the family vacation.

According to Virtuoso, Gen Zs are well-traveled from an early age and globally minded, and thus interested in offbeat destinations with exhilarating adventures like diving the Great Barrier Reef and kayaking among icebergs in Greenland (we’re adding those to our personal dream boards, too).

Here’s the Virtuoso list of popular family vacation destinations — places where Gen Z, and the adults who drive them to school and pay for their travels, will be heading this year:

Top 10 Hottest Family Destinations

Popular Family Vacation Destinations

1. Italy
2. Mexico
3. Hawaii
4. Orlando, FL
5. England
6. Costa Rica
7. South Africa
8. Turks and Caicos
9. Dominican Republic
10. Australia

(Our take: Melissa and her family have hit numbers 1 to 4 in the past 4 years, and Playground has written about most of these fun spots, so this list definitely seems on the money.)

Top 10 Unconventional Family Destinations

Popular Family Vacation Destinations

1. Iceland
2. Africa
3. Antarctica
4. Cuba
5. Galapagos Islands
6. The Arctic
7. India
8. Russia
9. Japan
10. Vietnam

(Our take: We know plenty of families who have been taking advantage of great flight deals to travel to Iceland in the past year, and Melissa’s has Japan at the top of his travel list. But the Arctic AND Antarctica? With kids?? We have our doubts about those two.)


What’s on your family travel dream list? Tell us in the comments, below!

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