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Product Review: Faces Magazine Lets Kids Become World Travelers—No Passport Required

Faces magazine | family travel

I’ve been a big fan of Cricket Media since I bought my oldest daughter a subscription to Babybug magazine for her 1st birthday more than a decade ago. Since then, she (and her sister) have received Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, and Muse. The content is top-notch and I really love that all the magazines are 100% ad-free. And after receiving a copy of Cricket Media’s latest addition, Faces, to review for Playground, we’ll be adding it to our reading list.

faces magazine

Faces takes young readers, ages 9 – 14,  around the world (no passport required!) to learn about important inventions and ideas from other cultures through articles, folk tales, recipes, illustrations, and hands-on projects. There is gorgeous photography and, best of all, authentic local voices, making the magazine the next best thing to being there.

We tell you often, but Melissa and I feel it’s important for our children to learn about other cultures and become respectful and thoughtful citizens of the world through travel. So when we find museums, guides, books, and magazines that help opens kids horizons to the world around them, we love to share it — and Faces does just that.

A subscription to Faces, which offers 9 issues a year, makes a great holiday gift – digital subscriptions are also available. Take advantage of this discount offer. And, if you’re interested in the other great magazines, during November and December, with each magazine subscription purchased, Cricket will Double the Giving by donating one to a Child in Need in Partnership with Two Award-Winning Literacy Charities: Libraries Without Borders and Parent-Child Home Program. 



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