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Product Review: 5 Reasons We Love ZigZag City Guides — New York City

Zig Zag City Guides: New York City | family travel

Melissa and I started Playground because we believe that travel makes us better citizens of the world. Going to new places with your children is not just about fun, it opens their eyes (and hearts) to new cultures and people. It creates memories for life. So we’re big fans of things that inspire and encourage family travel, especially when they are are as cute and smart as our latest product review — ZigZag City Guides.

We received the New York City Guide box for review and were immediately smitten. Here are 5 reasons we love ZigZag City Guides — New York City:

Zig Zag City Guide: New York City \ family travel

  1. They were created by a mom, inspired by her own family travels as a child, for little jet-setters to make family travel adventures as memorable and educational as possible, well beyond takeoff and landing.
  2. Each box is filled with a deck of double-sided cards featuring information on the city’s history, landmarks, and culture. And we’re not talking simple little facts: These cards have thoroughly researched facts that I’m willing to bet even a native New Yorker might not know. There’s also a foldout map and a couple of blank postcards for kids to send to friends and family after their visit.
  3. Two adorable characters, a girl named Zig and a boy named Zag, are the tour guides.They are featured throughout the cards.
  4. They engage kids by putting a guide in their hands and asking them to reflect and respond to what they see and learn.
  5. Everything from the sturdy storage box they come in, to the well-researched facts on  durable cards, to the beautifully designed graphics and illustrations make these the most stylish take on typical guidebooks, especially ones made for children.

zig zag city guides new york city \ family travel


ZigZag City Guides for New York City, San Francisco, Rome, and Paris are available now online for $24. More city guides coming soon are Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles!



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