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Product Review: Retap Water Bottle



Looking for a BPA free, non-plastic, reusable water bottle? Retap to the rescue.

The first thing you notice about Retap refillable glass bottle, is the design. It’s pretty to look at. The second thing you notice is how pleasant it makes drinking water. The shape fits nicely in your hand, the opening fits perfectly in your mouth. And the water? It really does taste better coming out of the glass bottle.

When I received a Retap bottle to review, I was skeptical about using a glass bottle. I certainly didn’t think to let my kids use it. After using it for a few weeks I’m sold on the product. In the past few weeks, my Retap bottle has gone on walks to the park with me, to our town pools, to the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, and in my dishwasher. It’s still in perfect condition, even after I dropped it on my kitchen floor once. (Just once, but it was before I had my coffee, so I can’t be blamed for clumsiness) Retap is sturdy, but still lightweight. Plus, the lid, which is free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates, is the coolest rubber-like stopper and stays in place when sealed.

retapRetap sells its bottles to use with tap water from your sink. That’s the one thing I didn’t do. I use water filter pitchers, because I feel that filtering tap water makes it safer and taste a whole lot better. However, if you’re fine with water straight from the tap, it makes filling up quick and easy.

I mostly put plain water in my bottle, but sometimes I got fancy and added lemon or lime slices, which, when cut thin enough, fit perfectly in the opening. I also enjoyed coconut water in my Retap with lime slices for a summery tropical treat.

RetapFor travel, even though my naked bottle did fine, I would recommend buying a Retap Sleeve. The textile, which comes in many colors and designs, is strong and protects the glass. It also has a nifty handle. With this addition, I would even feel comfortable sending Retap bottles in my kids’ lunchboxes.

Retap bottles come in three sizes: a small size that fits a little over 10 oz perfect for kids, a 16 oz medium size (this is the one I have and love), and a large 27 oz bottle which would be perfect for the dinner table.


Retap bottles are sold in America at Container Store and


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