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#TravelTuesday Q&A: Where to Find Trucks for Tots? Touch-a-Truck and Diggerland

touch a truck

Q:  My 2-year-old son is truck obsessed. Do you know anyplace where he can see construction trucks? Is this even a thing? Thanks! A.S.

A: Diggers, and movers, and steamrollers — Oh my! Trust me when I tell you that you don’t have the only toddler who thinks these big rigs are are the coolest things since sippy cups.

touch a truck

But hold on to your construction hat, I have great news: There are two fantastic ways to get kids close to a big truck without having to stalk a construction worker. Touch-a-Truck is a special event where kids can sit in and on, explore, and you guess it, actually touch big trucks. Touch-a-Truck is run as a fund-raiser, and doesn’t have a permanent home (or even a web site), but they put on special “truck” days all around the Tri State area. For the fall, there’s one in Queens, and one is West Berlin, NJ (see below).


Often, one hour of a Touch-a-Truck event is designated “horn free;” so be sure to consult with your local event about times if you have kids with sensory issues.


Actually, so many “big” kids love big trucks, too, that these behemoths now have their own theme park: Diggerland! There are three in Great Britain, and one right here in New Jersey, in West Berlin.


Here, adults can try their hand at off-road driving, working a big digger, or even navigate an obstacle course in a backhoe (kids over 3 feet can come along for the ride).

There are also rides created out of modified truck parts (like the Sky Shuttle, above). Kids need to be a minimum of 36″ for many of the attractions (and 42″ for the Sky Shuttle and aptly named “Spin Dizzy”), but even the smallest kids can watch the truck stunt show and ride in the barrel train pulled by a dumper truck.

And good news for super truck fans,  Diggerland will actually host a charity Touch-a-Truck on September 12, 2016.

(Want to know more about what to do near Diggerland ? Check out our review of Sahara Sam’s Oasis, also in West Berlin, NJ.)

night before truck

Finally, if you haven’t had quite enough truck time yet, there are two books “The Night Before Big Truck Day,” and “The Night Before Touch-A-Truck,” that might be just the right way to fill kids’ dreams with big rigs.

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Photo Credit: Kristina Weiss



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