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Swing Into Summer with Circus School at Crystal Springs Resort

Minerals Hotel at Crystal Springs Resort

Looking for a totally new way to swing into summer?

Minerals Hotel at Crystal Springs Resort

Minerals Hotel at Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, NJ (about 1 hour from Montclair, NJ and 1.5 hrs from NYC), has just added a super fun trapeze and circus school to its summer line up, KidzSole. My family was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the trapeze program which allowed my 12-yr-old, Aidan, to swing through the air and execute a quick trick — the knee swing — like a pro after just a short lesson.

Crystal Springs ResortNow through Labor Day, kids 4 and up visiting the resort can try the trapeze during 1 hour lessons, which includes time on a low rig trying out basic moves and maneuvers with the assistance of teachers, before ascending up to the “big” swing. There are plenty of soft mats lining the ground, and all participants are connected by a harness, both when they’re climbing up to the platform and when they’re flying on the trapeze.

Aidan has had some experience with climbing and gymnastics, so felt comfortable both getting up to the top of the trapeze platform and flipping, but was surprised at just how heavy the trapeze bar was (he said his hands were burning afterwards), and how much upper body and core strength are needed to execute any trapeze maneuvers..

 Crystal Springs Resort

But the rewards for trying it were sky high! He loved swinging through the air, and the self-confidence boost of getting the moves right on his second try. He said he would definitely do it again!

(One note: Aidan, who is 6-feet tall, just fit under the bar of the higher rig, so although they say “any age” for the trapeze, I’m going to add that if you have a teen who measures over 6’2″, they might not be a good fit on the trapeze.)

If you’re visiting with children 4 to 12, there’s also the option of trying the ‘Circus Ninja Warrior’ course, which includes trampolines, vaulting horses, juggling, and tightropes, among other circus “obstacles”.

Both the Trapeze and Circus Ninja Warrior can only be booked by hotel and resort guests, or pool members, of Crystal Spring and Minerals (my family has a pool membership).

Minerals features fantastic indoor and outdoor pools and makes a great summer overnight getaway, and can be combined with Mountain Creek Waterpark (formerly Action Park), just down the road, for even more adrenaline-pumping fun for the family.

The Details:

  • Trapeze, ages 4 and up, 1 hr sessions at 11, 3, 4, and 5. Cost:, $45 per person.
  • Circus Ninja Warrior Training, ages 4 to 12, 1 hr session at 10 am. Cost:  $35.


Even More Trapeze:

Can’t make it to Crystal Springs/Minerals Resort? Our Playground families also recommend these other NYC-area Trapeze Schools:

  • Trapeze School of New York: Try flying with amazing views of the Hudson River at this outdoor spot in Greenwich Village (a new, year-round location opens in Williamsburg July 15). Ages 6 and up; prices from $50 and up.
  • STREB: Located in Brooklyn, STREB is where real circus professionals train, and the indoor facility offers multiple camps and options for kids.  “Kids Fly” trapeze sessions are for 5 to 12 year olds, $475 for a 16 week semester.



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