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#TravelTuesday Q&A: How to Find Roundtrip Fares to Europe for Less than $350 (really)!


Roundtrip Fares to Europe

Q: We’ve got cabin fever and are hoping to plan a great European trip to look forward to for this spring or summer. Are there any airfare deals to Europe for families you’ve seen?

A: I’m happy to say the answer is resounding YES! There are several amazing deals to Europe available right now, if you know where to look and can be flexible with your plans. First, one one of my favorites, although not the cheapest (scroll down for those): New York to Milan. Book by January 28, 2016 on Emirates (known for flying some of the newest planes in the sky, and for their attentive service, comfortable seats, and great inflight entertainment and dining) to take advantage of $899 fares for two people, roundtrip, nonstop. That’s right, $450 per person — I’ve checked and you can add additional passengers to the initial reservation for $450 per person. Even better, other airlines are starting to match this price, the best of which right now is United, which has the same prices from Newark, and can be booked with AMEX points if you collect them. My family of three took advantage of this great price and all three of us are flying Newark to Milan for spring break for $1,350 — I kid you not.  From Milan (one of my recent travel insider secrets), it’s easy to hop a train to Venice (which I did last year), or to Florence, Rome, or anywhere else in Italy, or even Europe.

Another great low-price entry point to Europe is Scandinavia. Norwegian flies nonstop, roundtrip from JFK to Oslo for as little as $156 each way (granted that’s in February, but still, that’s pretty amazing). These planes aren’t as sleek or modern as say, Emirates, but if you’ve got a big family, this is a great way to go. They also offer nonstop flights from Orlando, Miami, and Boston for similar prices.

Finally, WOW Airlines, from Iceland, flies from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, from $169 each way for direct flights to Rejykavik and $179 for Boston to Amsterdam (with a stop in Iceland) and a number of other routes throughout Europe for $225 each way.

Buon Viaggio!

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