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Give the Gift of Adventure With Little Passports

little passports

My kids love getting mail; in a world of emails and texts, snail mail is a real treat. It’s what makes subscriptions a great gift for children. Getting something delivered just to them every month is exciting. We subscribe to several magazines, but the girls were extra enthusiastic when they received a subscription gift box from Little Passports in the mail.

(We reviewed the USA Edition which is recommended for ages 7 to 12. Little Passports also offers a World Edition for ages 5 to 10 and a Little Explorers edition for ages 3 to 5.)

The USA Edition introductory package arrived in a colorful plastic portfolio — not as much fun as the little suitcase the other two sets come in, but still cute. It contained a welcome letter written by Sam and Sofia (Little Explorers characters who write about their adventures), a field guide, a passport, a scratch book, a colorful paper wall map, and a disposable camera (a real hit with the girls).

little passports

Each month a new package arrives with a letter from Sam and Sofia (your kids’ new pen pals) focusing on two different states. Our second package was all about Maine and Oklahoma. (I haven’t stopped singing OOOOklahoma! or thinking about lobster rolls)

I loved all the facts my girls were learning (did you know that the state animal of Maine is a moose?) and they loved the hands-on activities. My 11 year old had a blast putting together the 3D Maine lobster pop out model.

Little Passports

And my 8 year old loved adding the stickers to the Field Guide.

Little Passports

Fun geography and world culture lessons wrapped up in a cute kit with meaningful activities for only $12.95 per month or less. Plus it encourages curiosity about other cultures and travel. We’re sold!

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, Little Passports is a great choice.

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