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Day Trip: Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ

Liberty Science Center

With 12 exhibition halls, a “floating” Infinity Climberlive animals, a 3D theater, and the nation’s largest IMAX Dom (and much more!), Liberty Science Center (LSC) is one of my family’s favorite places to explore and spend the day.

Located in Jersey City, NJ, in Liberty State Park along the Hudson River with spectacular views of Manhattan, LSC is a 300,000-square-foot learning center with hands-on science exhibits for all ages.

Liberty Science Center
This massive Hoberman Sphere greets guests in the lobby of the center.

With winter on its way, LSC is a perfect day trip for families looking for indoor fun. And the two new exhibits, one for younger children and the other for families with older kids, should put LSC on your must-visit list.


What’s New

Liberty Science Center

Dora & Diego: Let’s Explore: Located on the 4th floor of the center, this new exhibit (open through January 24, 2016) encourages animal conservation and caring for the environment, and engages in interactive play surrounded by Dora and her cousin Diego from the hit Nickelodeon TV preschool series, plus all their friends—Boots, Map, Backpack, Tico, Isa, and Swiper.

My girls, even at the ages of 11 and 8, thought this new exhibit was a great addition to LSC. I loved how interactive it was. The many opportunities for grown ups to play and engage with their children are a really nice addition.

Dora & Diego: Let's Explore

We loved the science-themed Rocket Ship, constellations, and The Purple Planet areas—perfect for LSC.

Dora & Diego: Let's Explore

Other areas that Dora & Diego fans will love are the Animal Rescue Center, Rainforest Maze, Tico’s Tree and Car, and Isa’s Flowery Garden.


Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition: This exhibition, which runs through May 2016, is designed with a focus on the legendary Titanic‘s compelling human stories. Featuring more than 100 authentic artifacts set within replicas of cabins and other areas within the famous ill-fated ship, visitors are drawn back in time to April 1912, when the ship embarked on its maiden voyage. You receive a replica boarding pass, assume the role of a passenger, and follow a chronological journey through life on the Titanic—from the ship’s construction to life on board, to the moments of impact and sinking, and the modern day efforts to recover and conserve the wreckage for future generations. You can even touch an “iceberg” to feel just how cold the water was at the time that the ship sank. This is a “premium exhibition,” which means it requires an all-access pass or a combination ticket—an additional fee from a general admission ticket.


Other Highlights

Liberty Science Center

The Infinity Climber: The coolest jungle gym ever. This suspended multi-story play space allows kids to climb, crawl, and balance their way through pathways as high as 35 feet above the atrium floor.

Touch Tunnel: A pitch-black tunnel that you have to navigate through using only your sense of touch.

Liberty Science Center

The Nikola Tesla Lightning Show: A big hit with my tween daughter, this show uses loud music, protective headphones, and bright lights to demonstrate the excitement of electricity with two solid-state, 1 million-volt Tesla coils.

iExplore: For families with young children, ages 2 – 5, this exhibition could give you a couple of hours of downtime while your little one plays. Climbers, a ball machine, a light wall, and a sensory play table, are just a few of the interactive areas in this section.

Wonder Why: A 6-foot bubble maker, rock wall, a Digital Picasso station,.and much more.

Liberty Science Center

Action Zone: A high-tech training camp area that gets your little athlete active.


Liberty Science Center
222 Jersey City Boulevard. Jersey City, NJ
Tuesday – Friday: 9 am to 4 pm / Saturday – Sunday: 9 am to 5:30 pm
Closed Monday


Where to Eat

The good news is that you don’t have to leave the center for a meal. Cafe Skylines offers great nutritious choices and good food: standard kid fare of chicken tenders, burgers, & hot dogs, brick oven pizza, a full salad bar, and food soups and sandwiches.

If you do want to take in more of Jersey City, here are two restaurants we recommend:

  • Brownstone Diner Pancakes are what you should order at this restaurant which was featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.”
  • Maritime Parc: If you go on a Sunday and want to make it a very special day, we highly recommend brunch at this gorgeous waterfront restaurant. The Blueberry Croissant French Toast is amazing.


9 thoughts on “Day Trip: Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ”

  1. We love that LSC has so many wonderful exhibits that are interactive. The Touch Tunnel and the Sneezing Nose are the must visits every time for us. I’m excited about the Lightning Machines, and I had no idea about the Titanic exhibit. I’d love to take the kids to that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been going to liberty science center since I was a child. I’ve had so many good memories and now I want to do the same for my children. It’s nice to see the changes throughout the years. Hopefully my kids will look back and have great memories related to liberty science center.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The LSC scales nicely to a wide range of ages and interests, so our whole family enjoyed our visit. It is baby-friendly with changing tables and– wonder of wonders–a nursing room!


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