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Giveaway: Peppa Pig and the Day at the Museum

Peppa Pig and the Day at the Museum

What’s that you say? You want to bring your preschoolers to a museum, but are afraid of worst case scenarios ranging from epic tantrums to collapsed dinosaur skeletons? Never fear — Peppa Pig is here!

In the latest adventure from the illustrated piglet (a huge hit with the preschool set on Nick Jr.), Peppa and her brother George head off with their parents to visit “a place full of interesting things,” in Peppa Pig and the Day at the Museum (Candlewick Press).

The massive museum they end up at holds everything from royal jewels to a planetarium (and yes, dinosaur skeletons as well). The good news, no disasters. In fact, it’s a great primer for both parents and kids alike on how much fun a museum visit can be.

Want to see how the story unfolds? We’ve got a FREE copy for one of our readers.

Tell us what your family’s favorite museum is in the comments section below between now and Monday, October 26, 2015, and one lucky reader will randomly be chosen to receive a copy of the new book.

Good luck! And happy travels!

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