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Travel Made Easier—BubbleBum Booster Seat



Years ago, during a trip to Walt Disney World, we decided to rent a car for several reasons, including visiting my parents who live two hours from Orlando. The cost of a rental car for a week isn’t cheap, and when we saw how much they added on for booster seats, we decided to bring our own. My kids weren’t too happy to have to lug their booster seats through the airport. If only I’d had a BubbleBum booster seat then, like I do now, things would have been SO much easier.

The BubbleBum is a portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children ages 4-11. It easily deflates and folds flat to be carried in a backpack or purse, making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, or car pooling. BubbleBum was created by Irish mom-of-two, Grainne Kelly, as a solution to her own struggles lugging heavy booster seats during her travels with her kids. We love mom-tested products!

I received a BubbleBum after that Disney trip and I’m now a fan. I’m really impressed at the quality and ease of use and my youngest daughter (who’s 7) is impressed at how “comfy” (her words), it is.

BubbleBumBubblebum meets all US federal motor vehicle safety standards as required by NHTSA for children ages 4-11 years and 40-100 lbs. And it meets the new requirements in New Jersey (kids under the age of 8 and who are 4’9” tall are now required by law to use a belt positioning booster seat and in the back seat.) 





7 thoughts on “Travel Made Easier—BubbleBum Booster Seat”

  1. I need a BubbleBum! It’s the only booster seat that will fit in the middle in my small car and allow me to return the favor in a carpool. Until now, we’ve borrowed one from a friend when we’ve driven her kid but would love one of our own!

    My travel question has to do with time zone changes–would love any tips for doing this when traveling with small children from NYC to California for instance.


  2. Love this giveaway! My girls are about to transition to boosters and we are always putting other kiddos in our car. Suggestions for what to take on a long road trip with four little people would be greatly appreciated.


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