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What’s New on Martha’s Vineyard: Bowling and Movie Fun

The Barn Bowl & Bistro

Martha’s Vineyard just got better! 2015 offers more ways to have family fun on the Island:



The Barn Bowl & Bistro

The Barn Bowl & Bistro brings bowling to the island (Something my husband and I had said was missing for years. Can you say missed opportunity?) with 10 lanes of regulation ten-pin bowling with state-of-the-art scoring software and programmable pop up rails to keep the ball in play for kids. When paying for your game, you just let them know who needs bumpers and who doesn’t.

Perks: Great music, fun scoring graphics, and several screens showing ESPN.

The Barn Bowl & Bistro

The Barn is the nicest designed bowling alley I’ve ever seen. Behind the lanes is a gorgeous mural of the Aquinnah Cliffs painted by local artist Dana Gaines, which changes occasionally to other paintings of the island.

On the walls at the edges of the lanes are photos of United States presidents bowling (Lefties, both literally and politically, Truman and Obama are on the left side wall and Righties—George W. Bush and Nixon—decorate the the other side).

The Barn Bowl & Bistro

The Bistro dining room overlooks the bowling lanes and offers bartop seating or bigger tables on either side of a horse-shaped bar which serves up a nice selection of craft beer and cocktails with clever names like Gutterball and The Bigger Lebowski.

The Barn Bowl & Bistro

You can also order food and drinks at your lane, which has a comfortable seating area and low table. The food was fresh and affordable. I recommend the BLT (the bacon alone made the sandwich a winner), the personal pizza was a huge hit with my daughter, and the grilled chicken sandwich was given a thumbs up from my husband. The wings were a bit of a letdown ( not crispy enough) but were nicely flavored, so there is potential for wing-lovers.




The Strand Theatre

Thanks to the Martha’s Vineyard Theater Foundation, The Capawock Theatre in Vineyard Haven and the Strand Theatre in Oak Bluffs have been renovated and re-opened. The Strand operated as a movie theater from 1915 until 2011, when it was closed and in need of significant repairs. The Capawock operated as a movie theater from 1932 until 2012, when it closed as well.

The Capawock Theatre

Now, along with the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center, there are four theaters (there is also Entertainment Cinemas in Edgartown) offering  independent films, movie classics, documentaries, and world cinema for all ages.

The Strand

My family saw two films at The Strand during our visit to MV last week: Minions and Inside Out (the latter was VERY exciting because Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Rooney Mara and Charlie MacDowell were seated across the aisle from us. (Danson laughed-out-loud several times during the movie, in case you were wondering about his review.) The theater is beautifully redone and comfortable with much more legroom than most theaters.

Perk: They sell Starbuck’s Frappuccinos at the concession stand!

Add these new additions to all the other fun to be had on Martha’s Vineyard and it’s no wonder it’s a popular family vacation destination.



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