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Giveaway: Travel Toys Fun Pack From Sunshine Sam

Travel Toys Fun Pack

WINNER: Congratulations to Stuart Weissman!

Getting ready for a family vacation with young kids? Make the trip more enjoyable by stocking up on fun travel toys  to entertain the kids in the car, or on the plane, AND while on vacation. Inevitably there will be some rainy days, long restaurant waits, and down time. Having some new fun toys and games for those times is the key to vacation bliss.

Sunshine Sam, a locally owned AND online battery free toy shop (Yay for readers all over the country!), offers terrific travel toys for all ages. Owner Marlene Lewis has put together three of her favorite items in a gift pack for Playground. One lucky reader will win a Travel Toys Fun Pack:

This is the best combination of items for any vacation journey! A customized lap desk, with a magnetic, chalkboard top, allows for snacks, games or coloring while traveling in the car or for quiet time at your destination. The Bring-A-Ball is easily packed, and quickly becomes an indoor or outdoor game that helps get out energy at a rest stop, on the beach, or in the yard. And this complete set of card games takes care of restaurant wait time, rainy days, and family time. This set is a $75 value, and you choose the design for the lap desk and Bring-A-Ball!

lap tray

The Cookie Tray Lap Desk ($45)made with customized cotton fabric stuffed with fiberfill to create a supersoft comfortable pillow on your child’s lap—is a must-have for the car. The lip on the tray keeps art supplies from rolling away, and the top has a chalkboard surface, perfect for drawing and playing hangman or tic-tac-toe. It also supports books and tablets, as well as snacks. The cookie sheet top is magnetic, allowing for magnet play along the way.


The Bring-a-Ball ($15) is a hand-made fabric balloon cover that turns an ordinary balloon into a sturdy ball that can bounce against hard surfaces and travel easily with you wherever you go. Once deflated,  it’s small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or backpack. So you can have a ball to play with literally anywhere! Just insert a deflated balloon into the Bring-a-Ball’s opening, blow up the balloon, and tie as usual. Bring-a-Balls are hand-made using 100% cotton fabric and fit any standard 12″ balloon. The fabric cover can go in the washing machine, ridding it of playground grit and grime (This was totally made with parents in mind)

Mini Playing Cards Classic Card Games Set

Mini Playing Cards Classic Card Games Set ($12) with five of your childhood classics:

  • Animal Rummy
  • Hearts
  • Color Go Fish!
  • Old Maid
  • Crazy Faces (Plays like Crazy 8’s)

Want to win the Travel Toys Fun Pack? Leave a comment before Friday, July 17, asking a travel question you would like answered for a chance to win. Want to know how to get a passport for you and the kids?  Want to know what’s the best time of year to visit Walt Disney World? Ask to enter—we’ll be answering questions in an upcoming column. 

You must leave a comment to enter, but you can earn extra giveaway entries by clicking through this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

22 thoughts on “Giveaway: Travel Toys Fun Pack From Sunshine Sam”

  1. Next month I will be traveling on a plane with a baby, toddler, and kindergartener. How can I keep them all busy (or at least, not screaming or crying) and still maintain some sanity? Also, any tricks for beating the ear popping on descent?


  2. What are some activities, toys or books that could keep both a baby and a toddler occupied during a trip? Packing light is key, so some multi-purpose items would be great to find!


  3. What forms of ID, if any, are required for children when traveling from the mainland to Hawaii? (Maybe the requirements depend on the airline…)


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