The 2016 Playground Holiday Gift Guide for the Family That Travels

Holiday Gift Guide for the Family That Travels


Need inspiration for what to get your travel-loving friends and family members for the holidays? Playground has searched high and low to compile what we think is the quintessential holiday gift guide for the family that travels.

These are items that we’ve personally tested and love or would love to have ourselves, not sponsored promotions. Read on for our guaranteed-to-please gift ideas for jet-setters of all ages:

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The Illusionists: Turn Of the Century is a Fantastic Holiday Show For Families

The Illusionists

One hundred years ago, before YouTube and Pokemon entertained kids on demand, audiences went to the theater to be wowed by illusionists. A magician would magically saw a woman in half, clairvoyants read audience’s minds, and escape artists like Harry Houdini ditched elaborate restraints. Surely, in this modern age, we’re all too savvy to still be mystified by these type of entertainers?

That’s definitely what my “been there, seen that” 13-year-old son thought when he sat down for the limited engagement The Illusionists: Turn of The Century at The Palace Theater. “I can see the wires,” he whispered as a glowing globe levitated. But then, the globe shot sideways, went through a hoop, was trapped in a glass box, and then started to rise again. “Hmm,” muttered Aidan. A woman disappeared (“behind the curtain,” he said), but then came back somewhere so surprising (I don’t want to spoil the illusion for you), that we were both left agog.

“That,” Aidan said grabbing my hand, “was AMAZING!”

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#GivingTuesday: Giving Back to Families Around the World


Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and #CyberMonday are a wrap, but here’s something that let’s you be thankful and do some online spending, this time to help other people: #GivingTuesday.

#GivingTuesday is an effort to focus on organizations that depend on donations to help people in need. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite charities that focus on international destinations, kids, and families. Extra bonus: Many of these organizations have matching funds for the special giving day, so a donation of $25 magically becomes $50 for them.

Stumped on holiday gifts? Donate in a family member or friend’s name and drop a card in their stocking to let them know — we bet they’ll love it! Or take a cue from our friend Mary’s lovely mom who donates to Heifer (below) and then buys coordinating animal ornaments to wrap and give to friends with an explanation of the charity’s great work.

Have a favorite charity that helps kids around the world that we’re missing here? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

Thanks and happy giving!

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